The cicadas are out in the neighborhood. Honestly, the anticipatory build up was enormous, and there are a lot of cicadas around the old trees in the neighborhood, but on our street, all the old trees lining the sidewalks have been cut down, and so one can walk down our street and not even know that it’s cicada season. I think they are suppose to make a noise, but I can’t hear them.

Maxi tries to eat them after sniffing them for a bit, but she spits them out usually.

The bird feeder is attracting no birds, only deer, so I assume all the birds are eating the cicadas.

I was trying to remember 34 years ago (17×2) if I remember the cicadas then. It would have been the summer between 9th and 10th grade. I think I didn’t notice them then because I was living in a brand new development with all of the soil disturbed and the old trees cut down. Seventeen years ago (2004), I was tending to a toddler and a newborn in Millbrook, NY and they don’t hang out there. And I would have been too tired/busy to notice.

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