Outfit, Vickey, TV.

This has been one of my favorite pandemic outfits. Both the sweatshirt and pants were given to me by (different) people I love, but I think they would both agree that I look wacky and slightly ridiculous, especially when paired together. Now that people are emerging from their homes and talking with one another, I have had numerous, serious and lengthy conversations wearing this exact outfit and I often leave the conversation thinking – omg, they saw me in my pandemic outfit. I know, why wear it out? But I do. I’m lazy. You know Chinese people hang out on their porches in their underwear, right? (OK, mostly older men.) Gah. I’m attached to this outfit, it really leans into my crazy old Asian lady esthetic that I’m eagerly running towards – I just need some sparkle something – socks? or maybe on the sandals? But I think I might have to give this particular combination up now that I’m not really quarantined. Honestly, I’m a little loath to do it, to give it up that is. We’ll see what happens.

I wore the sweatshirt (not with the pants! progress.) to Vickey’s house where I hung out with her and her mother. The last time I went to Vickey’s house, it was late October and it was raining and super cold and we hung out on her back porch shivering and thinking omg, this pandemic is the worst thing ever – when will I ever be able to hang out in her house?

Vickey, as always, was a great host, making a delicious lunch with a recipe from Ina Garten. Her mom made a great cheese bread. I took the whole day as a vacation and drove to Virginia. I’m so out of practice with the driving. And there was a Friday afternoon traffic jam on 495 (of course). Took me almost 2 hours to get home (I also might have missed some exits in my weird unpracticed driving fog.)

I came home to find that Edda’s giant TV had been delivered. Edda’s Roku had broken (it made an actually physical clicking sound – is there a whirring something or other inside that little black box? it’s hard to imagine any moving parts in that thing.) and instead of buying a new Roku device, we bought a whole entire TV around the new, but TV-implanted, Roku device. Edda was delighted (she never asks for anything, honestly). Jeremy was like – this TV has quantum dots in it. I’m like – really? those, honestly, sound very small there must be a a quadbijillion of those dots in that single TV. Who knows – the marketing people like the sound of the word quantum. We plugged it in – shoved the bookshelves over (apt) and put the TV front and center. Unfortunately, some of her favorite shows (mostly Blue’s Big Music Show) have not been remastered for 4K resolution and look pretty bad on the new TV. Who wants to watch a pixelated Steve? And no one is going back to remaster the old Blue’s Clues shows. Sigh. (Though Finding Nemo in 4K is amazing.) Edda is much, much less picky about TV than she was in the past. In the past, she would walk over and cry and hit you if you didn’t show her one of her favorite 6 tv shows or movies. Now she’s pretty chill. So I think it’s mostly me that will be sad that Blue’s Big Musical Show won’t be on the TV as often.

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