Dinner party.

The last few weeks have found me slightly irritated at Jeremy. While the pandemic has been stressful (of course), nothing has been as calming for me as the steady presence of Jeremy. But as we are nearing the “end” (?) of the pandemic, I can tell, I want him out of the house more. I want him to find other people to talk to. I don’t want to be the only person he talks to about biking (omg so much data). I want the house back to myself (which isn’t going to happen because he’s probably going to work from home for the rest of his life).

On that note, Jeremy found gas on the Rockville Pike mid-day Friday and fuel-stress-free drove 100 miles to see his biking coach Dan and they biked around together and had dinner with his family. The dinner invitation was unexpected and last minute. I encouraged him, if he wanted, to have a few drinks and stay the night. It was alright by me and Edda (who when presented with a free night at home, indulged in ice cream and long phone calls with friends).

Jeremy acknowledged that he was a little out of practice having a dinner conversation, but it was fine! it was fun. omg. So exciting!

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