Donut, shoulder.

Noah et al made these wonderful donuts for us on Mother’s Day. They were delicious. They delivered them after I had eaten a lamb dinner and the subsequent pineapple upside down cake, but I managed to eat my sugary ring!

At Sunday night dinner, Jeremy asked the table in general, would one of you please tell Doris to go to PT for her shoulder? She won’t listen to me, it works much better if one of you tells her to go. My shoulder has been injured since January – making it hard to hang IV bags, lift patients, pull on/off shirts, do chaturangas in yoga. It’s not bad! Really. It’s almost better. But who – Christine, Colleen, Seth all chimed in about their frozen/broken shoulders and how PT helped them. So I made six (!) appointments. They wouldn’t let me make just one. I made six. So I’m going today.

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