Cavity, massage, big boxes, home and Germany.

I went to the dentist yesterday and they found a cavity! I haven’t had a cavity in decades. Ugh. They also said my teeth are decalcifying. I was a bit alarmed and I asked if the rest of the bones in my body are decalcifying too – the (young, beautiful, fully calcified) dentist shrugged her shoulders. Crap, crap, crap. I’ve seen a number of 50 ish – early 60 ish female patients who are incredibly active & fit and were out on their bikes or running and took a tumble and smashed their hips or arms or whatever and needed the bones pinned and then the operative report says that their bones are really weak and brittle. So yeah, I’m concerned about decalcification.

I also went to get a massage. My friend trained to be a masseuse and I had been going regularly pre pandemic, and now I’m starting up again as now we are both vaccinated and we both feel OK spending an hour in the same, small, unventilated room together (still masked! I think she was more nervous than I, so I went with the masking.). She gave me this beautiful bouquet from her garden.

My parents, on the other hand, are OK without surgical masks, but now insist on bug masks. lol. Just kidding. My parents refuse to get an Amazon prime account, so we order stuff for them often (and they get some strange things, but whatever!) so I wanted to see this bug helmet I got them a few days ago. (They pay us back.)

Vince took his last final on Thursday, spent the day Friday packing and moving everything into storage. He got a Honda Odyssey zipcar (which he said was his dream car when he was about 4 years old, so just to let you know, dreams do come true (we have a Toyota Sienna, (which we had to get because of the lowering seat for Edda, the Odyssey didn’t have that option) so he’s been close but no cigar)) and made two trips to the rented storage unit. I tried to tell him, more smaller boxes are better than fewer bigger boxes, but, like lots of things that mothers try to tell their children to try to spare them anguish and learning hard lessons one generation later, this was ignored at the time of purchasing the boxes and then later acknowledged.

As fittingly appropriate, the last meal out was In ‘n Out. See you home soon!

And holy mother of g*d shit! Germany changed the status of the US to low risk and all of a sudden, after being pessimistic about Jeremy’s european vacation and settling into the idea that he wasn’t leaving, now Jeremy is leaving for Germany on Friday. Which means – crap! I have to pack (meatless, nutless, kosher) lunches for my kids for camp by myself. I’ll have to ask Jeremy for help. Honestly, Jeremy needs the break, poor guy – he’s been in a funk which the root cause is a difficult one. I hope 10 days out of here with his parents and his bike and no work will help him out.

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