Rainy party, mouse, Botox.

Jeremy went to a work party last night in Silver Spring. Still covid friendly and outdoors because the host has little kiddos who can’t be vaccinated yet and wanted everyone to be outside. It was raining, but Jeremy got to see his coworkers for a couple of hours for the first time in a long, long time.

I helped Alice take a mouse of her washer this morning. You know when someone calls instead of the usual texting, your heart drops and you think something really, really terrible has happened? She called, my heart dropped and then when I realized it was a mouse my heart rebounded from the pit of pits, I grabbed a box of gloves and a plastic bag and plucked that mouse out of the dryer (she took the photo! not me!). I’ve seen gangrenous or trench feet, rooted around poop filled deep wounds, scrotums the size of softballs – a mouse is nothing.

Can I be slightly disappointed that my gyn is offering Botox? I like my gyn person, I just want everything to work well. I don’t need anything to look good. I realize this is not what everyone thinks, kudos to you for wanting to spend money/time keeping everything smooth and pale.

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