Haircut & midweek shift.

Jeremy tried to get his first professional haircut since the beginning of the pandemic. The google said they open at 8am. In reality, no.

I was at the hospital yesterday, it has been *months* since I’ve worked a real weekday shift. I think since September, I’ve alternated Sundays and Mondays. Sundays tend to be quiet, a waiting day and Mondays tend to tie up those loose ends and send patients on their merry way or you get the surgery patients at 4pm and take care of them for only a few hours, but they are basically asleep waiting to fully awaken from anesthesia. But a Wed shift, you have people who are post op day 1 or post op day 2 or in the middle of a long, complicated diagnostic workup and the hospital is fully staffed, so no waiting for IR or CT scan or anything. So the orders change constantly and people are in/out of rooms and asking for all sorts of things. Yesterday, I went hunting for missing driver’s licenses left in the ER more than 12 hours ago, JP drain bulbs, ten thousand cups of ice and snacks.

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