Home & work.

Jeremy is home! Came home on Monday night all jet-lagged (still jet-lagged asking – what day is it today?) Excitement on the way to the airport which included a flat tire on their kind-of-fancy rental Audi. Here is a German tow truck which looks a lot like an American tow truck.

But he made his flight (barely) and flew straight from Munich to Dulles (I didn’t know you could do that, I don’t think you can do that from Berlin, but in my head, Berlin seems like it would have a bigger airport than Munich, but I know nothing!)

I was at the hospital yesterday – it was an absolutely grueling shift. And I’m tender these days, like an angry, infected wound. I did almost cry and slip into sharp, upset and angry tones which I don’t think I’ve ever done in a professional setting and hardly ever in my own personal life. I called my nursing tech, Dawn, 14,000 times. She knows I don’t call unless I really need help and I needed help yesterday – not only physical help, but emotional help. And she knew, she knew I needed her with me. She came into the room and spoke to the patient (and me) in such a loving, gractious tone and saved me from myself. I had to run away from the hospital.

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