Molly, beloved daughter of Lauren and Kevin and oldest sister of Sophie and Rory, passed away yesterday afternoon from complications stemming from her lifelong struggle with Rett Syndrome. Molly was at home and surrounded by her loving family. She was 17. Our hearts are broken wide open with grief, please keep her family in your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Mollybean”

  1. It seems like a weird place to post this but I know how much Sophie meant all of you from all the times you talked about her and all the post you made about her so just know that I share your grief as well. I’m sorry I don’t have something better to say.

  2. Oh man I am so sorry I said Sophie when I know it is Molly that I was referring too. We had 2 Sophie’s at the memorial service I went to when I read your post through tears. Even so, I am very sorry for my mistake. If there is ever a time to not screw a name this was it. Again, I am just so sorry.

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