Travel, dog, Bo.

So it does look like the EU is going to open the borders to travelers for leisure while Jeremy is flying through the air on Friday. I think it’s a go. Jeremy is trying to figure out how to pack. It’s a skill, traveling. Like remembering how to pack. Jeremy just emptied out his backpack that he hasn’t touched since March 2020. Look! Old physical therapy exercises from an injury that he doesn’t remember. Keys? To what? Old subway cards. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to go a week and a half without Jeremy.

I’m dog sitting. This is a dog that snuggles. This snuggling thing is not something that Maxi does.

This dog also hates Jeremy. I asked Alice if Jojo could move in with us and she said that she could, but that Jojo hated Jeremy and maybe she shouldn’t for Jeremy’s safety. I hadn’t noticed. I asked Jeremy – hey does Jojo hate you? Jeremy is like – Jojo totally hates me – she barks her head off everytime she sees me and seems to want to rip my hand off, if she moved in, I’d have to move out. But it turns out that Jojo and Jeremy do get along. See? We can still be friends.

Vince has been introducing us to Bo Burnham – I like these clips (he’s on Netflix). Not my natural go-to, but actually very funny. It’s nice having a kid in the house to tell us to watch these things:

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