Physics, phlebotomy, cats.

Vince is going to be home on Saturday! It’s finals week – his finals are the 8th, 9th and 10th. The final he’s most worried about is the physics one on the 10th, so if you could send out into the universe any good vibes for Vince on that day, it would be much appreciated. Because all these exams are virtual, lots of his classmates are already leaving campus, moving back home or to their summer destinations. So there have been good-byes and good lucks said. I’m so impressed with Vince and this tough pandemic and freshman year. He did have some bumps in the road, but he made good friends, kept his friendships at home, figured out how to do college classes and made me laugh all the time. I think he and his fellow students must be the most Covid tested people on the face of the earth, it was once a week for a few months and now it’s twice a week with no exemption, yet, for being vaccinated. So I think he’s done at least 50 tests. That’s 50 more than any of us. And every single one was negative. Thank goodness.

Eliana was here on Sunday to mind Edda for a few hours.

She’s training to be a phlebotomist. So I had her practice a few times on me. The left AC is harder on me because you can’t see it, but the right AC, she got no problem on the first try.

I also got to see Megan and her new apartment and hang out with the kitty cats. <3.

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  1. YAY VINCE. So proud of you dude!! I cannot believe you let someone just give you a shot. You are one tough bird!

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