Race, Emy & Ivy, Soojung.

Jeremy’s bike race was near Lake Placid on Friday afternoon. He’s calling it a success – I guess there were two metrics he was looking out for, his heart rate and his power and he handily met the heart rate goal. Of course, he would have wanted to meet both, but they seem to decouple in the race so he picked HR to focus on.

He had stayed with Emy starting on Thursday night, they drove to Lake Placid on Friday and then stayed in a hotel on Friday night after the race and on Saturday had a low-key hiking/biking adventure, the two of them.

I’m looking forward to taking care of Emy’s cat Ivy, who is a boy and also diabetic. I haven’t taken care or lived with a cat for a long time. I lobbied to take care of Ivy by citing my extensive blood sugar and insulin coverage experience I have, you know, on humans. Ivy, from all reports, is a friendly loving cat, but is acknowledged to have resting bitch face in photos. Oh, doesn’t he look super pissed at me?

I spent some time with Soojung and I picked up the air filter I had dropped off when she first went back to work as a teacher in early March. It was a lovely time, I had Edda with me which was an extra bonus because Edda needs some outtings.

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