99 Ranch.

On Saturday, we went to 99 Ranch (the Asian supermarket) in Gaithersburg. We hardly ever go anywhere as a foursome – but this weekend we went grocery shopping as a family. Jeremy laughed and said -some families go hiking or to the beach or to the movies, but we go grocery shopping. I will say that we are often in the house all together, or we are paired in the house together (J+E or D+E) or by ourselves in the outside world. We are rarely together in the outside world and we are rarely paired in the outside world. Interesting.

I was happy to see 99% of the people masking up. We still take our masking pretty seriously here in MoCo even though we have among the highest rates of vaccination in the country. Especially at the Asian market – though there were people eating at tables near the food court indoors. I’m not sure I would do that.

I tried, for the first time yesterday, to add an encouragement to get the vaccine to my discharge spiel when I send my patients home. I said – did you get your vaccine yet? And they said no. And then I said, well, go on and be sure to get it! It’s free! And they they looked at me funny. I left it at that. I’ll get better with it.

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  1. The doctors should all tell the patients to get the vaccines while they are there!!!! What the heck?!?!?

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