Keep going.

And we keep going. This was the exact actual advice that my nursing manager gave me. My manager, Anthony (probably one of the best managers I’ve had), said (after we had worked through all the situations and solutions to my scheduling problems) – just keep going. That you can rest, adjust, pause and regroup, but keep going. Haha, maybe he just didn’t want me to quit, though really, three shifts every six weeks hardly helps him out.

Vince and Edda are doing well at Camp JCC. Vince got honored for being a good camp counselor – got a T-shirt that says “Heart of Gold”. They had a performance on Friday and Vince’s kids got 2nd place! I can’t straight embed the video, but you can click through and you can see Vince at the 14:50 mark. He was the choreographer. His triumph was the “wave” and the “tunnel” and getting the kids to wear hula skirts which was initially met with skirts are for girls (he has almost 100% boys in his group) – so breaking gender norms, haha. And anyways, men do wear hula skirts. And you can see Edda at the 59:30 mark!

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