Maginot Line.

Good morning. I have this impending sense of doom about the fall and that the Delta variant (or some other variant) will overcome us and we will have to go into lockdown again and people will needlessly get sick and die. I had my first long-haul Covid patient last week – young, previously healthy and lungs so, so damaged. And all that work/suffering/loneliness will have been for nothing. The first metaphor that came into my head was “Maginot Line” – we won’t’ be able to hold our vaccine defense, it’s our Maginot Line. Then I was – what the hell is the Maginot Line? And am I using the metaphor correctly? Vaguely remembering from HS AP European History (so white, I know – at least now you can take AP World History: Modern now) – ok, so I had to look it up. Basically it’s the French fortification in WWII on the east side of France that was really expensive (it had air conditioning?) and then the Germans outflanked it by going through some forest they thought was not accessible. I found this: The term “Maginot Line” has been used as a metaphor for something that is confidently relied upon despite being ineffectual or: metaphor for expensive efforts that offer a false sense of security. So yeah, we are all idiots standing behind our Maginot Line in air conditioning not only right now being unknowingly outflanked, but also simultaneously contributing to global warming in air conditioned barracks having mimosas.

Have I showed you our corn in our front yard? I think the deer are going to get to them before us. I’m not even sure they are eating corn. The squirrels took the corn from the squirrel corn and buried them all over the yard and now we have corn growing in random places.

I’m enjoying this song on tiktok. Kinda vulgar, what can I say? It has a good beat.

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