51st and 23rd.

hi loves, we celebrated my parents’ 51st and our 23rd wedding anniversary on Saturday. Jeremy and I had wanted to get married on my parents’ anniversary – August 22nd, but there was a scheduling conflict, so we picked the week after on the 29th. To this day, I get confused on whether our anniversary is the 28th or the 29th, so I always take my parents anniversary on the 22nd and add 7 to it – that’s how I remember it. 29th!!

My parents, who in non-pandemic times, would love love love to go to a fancy restaurant, are are unwilling to eat publicly indoors, agreed to a surf and turf dinner at our house. Jeremy got the best steaks at Whole Foods, I got a cake from a nice Bakery. We made a cheese plate (everyone loves blue, we should just forgo the other kinds)>

We got fresh Maryland crabs from our local seafood place a mile from my house. I’ve always wondered about that place, but have never gone. It’s most famous for shipping crab all over the country, but they do have crabs to buy locally which was unclear from the website. We called on Friday and they said call on Saturday morning to place the order and then on Saturday morning we called and they said to call later at 3pm because that’s when the crabs will be delivered. So we called at 3 pm and got some crabs. That was more complicated than I thought it should be, but maybe it made it more exciting?

My mother loves the crabs. I remember as a kid, crabs were a special, but semi-frequent thing. I would stand on a stool in front of the sink and kind of tease the crabs with chopsticks and then we would steam them and serve them on a newspaper covered table and hammer them to bits and pieces.

Vince got to steam them and we got to pour Old Bay into the pot (Old Bay was not a childhood steamed crab memory – only when I grew up did I understand Old Bay was a Maryland thing with crabs. The life of an immigrant kid with no internet access.)

And who has newspapers to cover the table? No one. Dad got some old paper they use to wrap dishes in to move them.

This is a good photo of my parents, but I had to be silly and do rabbit ears. Jeremy looks good in this photo too. Forgive me.

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