Isabella, Charlotte, masks.

Isabella is Edda’s camp JCC counselor and we hired her to help us out a few days a week in August. She is a rising senior just like Edda. We are hoping to have her come to the house to hang out with Edda about once a month during the school year. After care camp for Edda is happening and I’m grateful to report they are going to have all the kids and employees vaccinated. We don’t yet have a person to help out in the evenings, we are looking for someone – I need to get on that. It’s not dire, but it would be helpful.

Charlotte is keeping us on our toes. She is sometimes a mystery dog. She’s a little scared of Vince with his loud manner, but they are learning to love each other.

Prepping for the autumn flights with new face masks with elastics that go behind the head and not around the ears.

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