Biking and dishwashing.

My crazy husband biked from Philly to DC yesterday (or more accurately, from Kimberton to Rockville). 168 miles. about 11.5 hours. With breaks to pee or consume donuts/ice cream. Some might view this as amazing, but I think both Jeremy and I acknowledge that is veers closer to the crazy than to the amazing. Before we left for Philly, we had kind of agreed that this would happen on Saturday concurrent with my drive home, but the weather was forecasted to be hot hot on Saturday, so Jeremy asked me if he could stay at his parents’ and do the ride on Sunday. I might have not been the most enthusiastic spouse at that moment, but I later apologized for my reaction and Jeremy did his part and very nicely acknowledged that he appreciated I would be home on my own this past weekend.

I came home to Vince (who managed to wake up in time for an mid-morning eye exam and purchased much needed glasses at Costco) who had thrown a party the night before (we had encouraged him), but there were so many dishes (it was a cooking party) and he had intended to clean everything but was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of kitchen clean up necessary. Vince is good at cooking and hand washing a few dishes, but he hasn’t really done a full-on post-party clean up. So as I’m unloading Edda from the van and unpacking and getting her cleaned up, I’m walking Vince through the tips for maximizing loading the dishwasher and how to soak certain things to make it easier to clean. This is ironic (really) because I do only about 10% of the dishwashing in the house. When I dishwash, I feel like I’m a tourist in a foreign country because, even after 25 years of being together, I’m not the master dishwasher, I’m definitely the secondary dishwasher. Sometimes I feel bad about not doing a lot of dishes and I’ll start doing the dishes and Jeremy will be kind of standing off to the side and say – I know you are trying to be nice, but there is this bike race I want to watch and I want to do the dishes while I watch the bike race. Then I get to step to the side and, you know, scroll through tiktok. lol. I’m kidding. kindof. We usually have a plastic bin filled to the rim with dirty dishwater in the sink. Vince asked, so what’s with this tub of water in the sink? Why is it here? And the true answer is that I have no idea what’s with this tub. I only know that it’s there because Jeremy put it there and it’s part of his system and if I move it out of the sink, it will mess his system up. And since I totally benefit from his system of dishwashing where I end up doing only 10% of the dishes, I leave it there and don’t ask too many questions.

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