Philly visit.

We went to Philly on Thursday to CHOP for a follow up appointment with Edda’s neurologist there. This was an easy one – Edda’s had a great summer, no significant seizures, a great camp experience and a deep tan to show for it. We are on two seizure meds now, Trileptal and Keppra, we will slowly wean her off the Keppra and see if her seizures stay away. The last time we went to CHOP was March and it was really quiet on the neurology floor, but now, the place is bustling with families. We wrapped up the appointment with a short discussion about research and left feeling groovy.

We drove an hour to Kimberton to see Bob and Katherine in their new house. They are still getting settled, unpacking the last boxes and buying little things that they find that they need. The house is cozy and practical and very, very colorful.

We walked the campus and admired the wildflowers and said hello to folks who crossed our paths.

Said hello to some calfs, I could not coax this one to come to me away from its mother.

You can pick up raw milk everyday. I had a glass each morning.

Edda slept in the living room with the inflatable bumpers we had used during our cross country trip. She overpowered them last night and ended up on the floor underneath a chair?

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