And it goes on.

I saw my friend Satya yesterday – we went for a walk in her neighborhood.

I visited Bette so Jeremy picked up Edda in the afternoon.

Vince is getting ready to start school (next week)! Finally! He’s going to put on a backpack and walk into a classroom. After 18 months of not doing that. I hope it isn’t a big shock to the system. He texted us the physics syllabus – which, honestly, looks hard. A week for the first law of thermo. A week for the 2nd law. and there are 10 weeks like that. oooof. A quarter goes by fast, one needs to concentrate the whole time – like a good tempo run. Vs. a semester which is like running intervals, a little break between the hustles. Great vaccine compliance/testing on campus – fingers crossed for a good year.

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