Training, sophomore, raise.

This is the big training week for Jeremy. There are a few bumps in the road (haha) including repairing the bike, logistics regarding getting the bike to California, getting caffeine gels. Jeremy tracks a lot of things – resting heart rate, something called “body battery” on his Garmin, small details about his training, weight, etc. Sometimes he looks at these numbers and he says – I slept great, but my body battery says that I’m not well rested, I was going to do a hard workout, but maybe I shouldn’t now. I think it confuses him sometimes. We looked at the race date which is two weeks out now and I said – well, you can rest and ride easy, but if you want a shot at your ambitious goal, you have to do some hard workouts this week no matter what your body battery says. He, for the most part, coaches himself which is vastly harder from my perspective, than being coached. I track almost nothing – just the key workouts. Paul sends me workouts and I try to do them all. If I’m exhausted (based on my own feelings – not by anything that measures anything) or my schedule is too full, I scoot the workout days around or I’m ok pulling back the workout a little (meaning making it a little slower – but usually not by much) and then I spend zero time second guessing myself or deciding each day what to do. I probably would do different workouts if I was left to my own devices, but also left to my own devices, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t work as hard as I do now. Well now, I’m not really working out. I’m taking a break – last week a true break – only stretching and eating ice cream and birthday cake, this week, gentle swimming if I can get to the pool. I have a months long shoulder injury I’m trying to rehab.

I’m following UC Davis stuff on instagram and I get a bit emotional seeing freshman orientation photos because Vince missed it all – though they are trying to make up some of it. Vince was saying he’s in a weird spot. All the juniors and seniors have their friends and eat together. All the freshmen have their orientation pod to hang out with. All the sophomores have neither – no one knows anyone. He’s like I have no one to sit with in the dining hall!

He went to the football game on Saturday. He’s thinking about going to frat/sorority parties. Classes start on Wed. I just want him to feel strong, steady and not overwhelmed during the school year.

My raise from my boss. Almost 10% from last year. Droves of people are leaving the hospital to take these travel contracts. And I mean travel lightly – no one is moving, these are all at local hospitals. I’ve heard pay now as high as $5000/wk for three shifts – day – non covid. Basically doing what I’m doing now. Though I talked to one person leaving and she said – you know the higher the pay, the suckier the job. She’s leaving because she says our floor is so hard and she cries in the parking lot all the time. And I said you want to go to another sucky job – and she said, at least I’ll be paid three times as much. I can cry for three times the pay. I think at least 3-4 day shift people are leaving to travel. And other people are going to other departments or interviewing for other positions. It’s going to be brutal the next few months working on a short floor.

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