Workout, perfume, organic chemisty.

Jeremy had a good workout yesterday – the famous 40/20s. Forty seconds on / 20 seconds off, three sets. He did the power he wanted and didn’t have to bail. He was super chuffed.

Christine, Jane and I went to Tysons 2 to do some serious shopping. I’m not an enthusiastic shopper, but it was a lovely, all encompassing experience and I really enjoyed the outing with Christine and Jane. We touched, smelled and looked at so many things. I can still smell the perfume on myself when I turn quickly in certain directions. I would have never guessed that I would ever enjoy the smell of perfume, but I do! If I had to pick the thing I would buy for myself, I think I would pick perfume. (I only wear perfume to the hospital, which I know, it strange, but I put on only a light amount to counter, you know, so many people who haven’t showered recently.)

Vince’s first day of class was yesterday. I knew his first class was early afternoon- organic chemistry. He showed up an hour early for class to find the room and he was nervous – didn’t want to eat lunch. Of course, the room was the main lecture hall in the building and he texted us a photo of the door. Do you think it’s a dinosaur skeleton in the air on the left? You can do it Vincie! I’ve got your back and I’m rooting for you <3. Muah! (Though it’s been over three decades since I took orgo and then promptly forgot it so, probably, I’m not much help past the first couple of lectures.)

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