Adventures in the Silicon Valley

I’m just scrolling through Jeremy’s photo feed to give you this blog post. He’s still over there in California.

Our favorite adult entertainment establishment. This was right around the corner from where we lived in the late 90s. We never went in, but I loved the name – the pink poodle. I can’t believe that it’s still there, the land it sits on must be worth millions.

This house we were renting when we got married. It’s like 900 square feet and must also now be worth a bajillion dollars. I forgot what we rented it for – maybe $1600 in 1998. I remember there were like 20 other people at the open rental house and we got it because no one else wanted to pay so much money for so little space. I think Jeremy wasn’t with me when I signed the lease – it felt very grown up. I really loved this house very much. I remember sitting at the computer (probably while Jeremy was doing something weird or slightly annoying 3 feet away from be because the front living room was that small) a few weeks after we got married thinking – omg. I’m married. forever is a long time. i hope this works out. For one glorious summer, Emy lived in the back room and Donald lived in the garage and Jeremy worked night shift – and we all had different schedules – so even though we only had one shower, everyone used it at completely different times of the day/night.

Jeremy did go on the silicon valley bike ride with two friends. Paul from AMD days and Kirk or (Kurt) from Haverford days. It was fun – not competitive. Jeremy was in the right position by being in the best shape and having the cheapest bicycle. Look at those MAMILs go (middle aged men in lycra).

OK, this trip has gone on long enough, I’m ready to have him home again.

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