Julia is here for the week campaigning for a delegate in Virginia. I love having Julia around, she is a lot of fun.

We also had a raucous Sunday night dinner last night, I don’t know what happened, but we laughed and laughed with each other. I’m lucky to have this family around. Since we were hosting and Jeremy wasn’t around to cook and didn’t want to cook, I ordered out for dinner. I wanted to order Popeyes fried chicken for dinner and was almost about to do that and I kind of had been dreaming of it for days, but I had my annual checkup the next day (today) and I wanted (as a weird self-dare) to try and get my lipid panel to look as good as I could get it, so I didn’t want to inundate my bloodstream with fried chicken the night before. So I ordered from Potbelly’s which was fine and actually could accommodate all the vegetarians in our group (and I had a veggie sandwich) and I got my fasting lipid panel drawn this am.

Jeremy is coming home today!!!! After spending the weekend with his HS pals. One of them is talking about retiring to Hawaii.

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