Glenstone, raven.

Julia’s been staying with us this week and canvassing the Loudoun county (Virginia) most days this week. But she took yesterday off and we went on an adventure to Glenstone which is this contemporary art museum that recently was renovated and opened up in Potomac, very close to the house. I’d never been. Tickets are free, but very hard to get and are booked months in advance , but it turns out that if you take the public bus in, you can go anytime. So we took the bus in and walked the extensive grounds which has a ton of beautiful outdoor sculptures (Jeff Koons living floral split-rocker at the top of the hill behind my head) and saw the beautiful art pavilion. I didn’t know much about the place until I googled after we left. Nowhere in the brochure did it mention who did this or why or anything. Nor did they like to put text alongside any of the art – we were just supposed to draw our own conclusions from our personal experience. I was like – who is the really rich person who did this? Everything is free and very, very expensive feeling. Turns out that one of the 11 billionaires living in DC built this to show off his private contemporary art collection. And it was renovated for over $200 million dollars. So you do need to be a billionaire to build and maintain a facility like this.

I came home to Jeremy who instead of getting some tool from Amazon for bike repair, he got Edgar Allen Poe. So he’s getting the tool shipped to him again and we get to keep Edgar. Lucky us. You see the raven?

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