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Jeremy made it home on Monday night. He did try a 2nd time to go up Mt Diablo in under an hour, but shaved just 12 seconds off of his time a week previous. It was much better paced, but somehow didn’t net him a much better time. He declared his season over and done with and he’s thinking what to do next.

Vince has is first set of mid-terms (I guess they aren’t midterms, they are third-terms) this week. You can do it Vince! 🙂

He shaved his head a few days ago. I think he looks a lot like Uncle Robert now.

I went back to the hospital for the first time in over two weeks. A new software program dropped on Saturday – I was glad my first day was Wed because they had worked out a bunch of kinks over the weekend, but everyone was still learning. They deployed like 4-5 people onto our unit wearing bright colored vests to ask questions to whenever you ran into any issues. So I asked them all the time. It was actually great – I mean, I didn’t even know how to add patients to my “list” or scan medications or anything. Everything did take 4 times as long. I’m usually done with morning meds by 10 or 10:30, but at 12:30 I was still working on them. But I can tell once I get used to it, it’ll be better.

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