I’m still sick, but I think today is the last day. I will get to walk with Alice tomorrow, I haven’t seen her in almost a week – too long. I went to the gyn yesterday – I know, I was sick and I still went to a doctor’s office – but I didn’t walk with Alice outside/masked – I know I’m a walking bundle of contradictions. I’m trying (like everyone else) to play catch up with doctor/dental appointments esp now that I’m 49/50 ish. And I figure a gyn appointment is the opposite of how you catch covid and I know I don’t have covid, so I went. (Don’t you think a sexually transmitted disease is the opposite of airborne transmitted disease? The same way that – if you thought about fruit – a banana is the opposite of a watermelon. Or like my late grandmother who had diabetes thought that salt/sugar were opposites. I mean, they kind of are – you could see how someone would think that.)

I’m kind of always disappointed by my gyn practice (I’ve mentioned this before). They are gyn only (no OB, so no babies), so they offer lots of stuff like Botox and cool sculpting and this time, they were advertising the O-shot – which is platelet rich plasma injection into your clit to improve orgasms (omg. that sounds…not fun.) And, my gyn practitioner is very blond, very stylish, and somehow not someone I think I would naturally get along with, but she is super fun and hilarious, knows all about menopause and really kind of made fun of the o-shot. We were both like – o-shot or not, nothing is going to make middle age sex (which is mostly funny and not very sexy) feel like sex you had when you were 20 (which is both funny and sexy, but is way way more sexy than funny). We all want that back, but it isn’t going to happen. hahaha.

Jeremy is having a good time professionally and biking-wise in California. It makes me happy he’s having a good time. He kind of knows that if it’s a bad time when he’s away from me to not spin it too badly until he gets home because if he tells me his meetings/conferences/chatting it up is going badly and he tells me while it’s happening, then I get mopey at home by myself with the kids thinking – argh. I’m doing this home thing by myself for *nothing*. I don’t mind if he complains after he gets home, because then he’s home.

He called last night and was laughing that he has dipped his toe into the weird cycling culture in the Silicon Valley. We’ve known for a while that instead of golf to seal the deal in SV, oftentimes, the sport of choice is biking and so if you want an audience with venture capitalists or the scions of industry, you have to be in good bike shape, have a fancy bike, and not get dropped on group rides. Anyways, we still have friends in the silicon valley and various people wanted to meet up – Jeremy thought it would be a “casual ride” but people immediately pulled out/texted their times up the iconic hills in the area. But it’s fine, Jeremy is faster than everyone. This is also how girls get left out of the room where it happens. There is no (or very few) girl that can keep up with boys on an uphill cycle ride in which everyone is trying pretty hard – both physically and professionally to get funding for their start up.

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