Gym, Scarlett.

We went to the gym for the first time in – well you know since when. I had been a member of two gyms – the rockville city gym and the earth treks climbing gym. They served two purposes for me – the city gym is full of 70 and 80 year olds still getting their workout in. The climbing gym is full of 20 year old Asian women doing 5 pull ups. Both are incredible inspirations for me. I kind of refused to join my age appropriate gym. I gave them both up and thought I wouldn’t go back. But we are back (at least at the city gym). Incredibly, it was pretty much as full as the day I left it and the same people were there and we did the same thing like nodding at each other without knowing anyone’s name (not quite true, we did bump into a good friend there…). Even though (I think) the indoor mask mandate was dropped a few weeks ago, everyone was masked – including the dude in the blue shirt in the photo below who was doing a full on running workout with huffing and puffing and sweat flying everywhere. Why he wasn’t outside or on the track was beyond me, it was a beautiful day outside.

Why were we in the gym? For the squat rack which is pretty much the last piece of equipment we don’t have at home. Jeremy has decided he needs to add heavy weights to his training. And that means squats and deadlifts which also runs into another problem which is that he’s really inflexible and can’t squat more than 4 inches down without his heels lifting up off the ground. I went with him to film. I’m the opposite (as many Asians are) and I can wait for the bus in a deep squat. I find squatting very comfortable. He might hire both a bike coach and/or a strength coach.

I’m in the “off season” of running which I’m enjoying tremendously. I’m running less, deliciously gaining some weight (buttered bread and ice cream), and thinking about what to do next. My right shoulder is not perfect and will never be perfect, it’s been almost a year injured, but I think I can get it back to almost OK – I’ve had on/off trouble with it since I was in my 20s. I’ve been spending time rehabbing – some youtube person recommended doing dead hangs – which I’m working on up to doing for a minute. I don’t want my shoulder to do anything fancy, but I would like to lift a gallon of milk from the back of the fridge without pain and also to do a push up (both not quite yet).

I’m almost at the end of my self imposed increased work stint at the hospital to learn the new computer system. I really love it, I feel like I don’t wrestle with it each and everyday which is what I was doing with the old computer system. It streamlines my workflow, I don’t need to take as many notes. I finish my documentation by the end of the shift and I can also see documentation that other people miss and help gather that information. There was an ICU nurse who floated to our unit yesterday and worked next to me. I asked about the COVID situation downstairs and he said it was about 9 out of 30 beds and that while most people were not vaccinated, there were still some people there who had been vaccinated. I tried to get him to work on our unit, but he laughed and said – I like having two patients who are intubated and sedated – these talky-walky patients are weird, they have questions and ask you for stuff.

We are dog sitting Scarlett!

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  1. Talky walky! I bet I’m that kind of a patient. And you love the new stent at the hospital with the computer system, you’re my hero Doris you’re so amazing. Just effing amazing. Here’s what I love. I love love love Scarlet licking all the snacks off of Eddas face.

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