Late birthday present.

Jeremy got me a new laptop for my birthday. He eagerly awaited the announcement from Apple (a few weeks past my birthday) and then ordered it and then tracked the package with the tracking info (they missed us one day – how I have no idea because we were both home) and then hand delivered the box to my desk. I don’t know why I feel this way, but I do – sometimes I have issues with having “nice things”. I feel like I don’t deserve them or that they are for other people. So, even though I really needed a new computer, I left the box unopened all afternoon on my desk. Jeremy peeked in and asked – so aren’t you going to open it? I demurred. I said that he could open it – he said he’d only open the cardboard box and leave the rest to me. He gently pulled the pull tab on the cardboard box and the whole thing bloomed open to reveal the box. He *wowed* at the cardboard box design. (There is some team of engineers out there kicking ass on cardboard box shipping designs.) I had been to Sunday night dinner and the other people around the table were saying that they had used their old computer for the longest time ever without replacing it and they gave years of 2017, 2018 (granted Seth and Eric both use their computers for way more than I do – including programming, gaming (I guess?), video editing, etc. – I just read blogs and watch youtube) and my old computer was purchased in 2013! I’ve been using my old computer for 8 years. There was no space left on that poor thing – it couldn’t update anymore, it maintained its battery life for about 10 minutes. But I loved it and it took me through nursing school and then limped along with it for a long time.

Scarlett, the dog, is so quiet in the house – I can hardly tell there is another living thing here in the same room as me. I was like – was Maxi this quiet? Jeremy was like – no, you remember Maxi sang and whined and barked at everything. Scarlett does none of these things. Scarlett does the designated dog job very well though – the job is to eat all the food that Edda drops on the floor. Of all the dogs we’ve had in the house, Scarlett might be #1 at this job. She does eat the food, but she doesn’t race on over to eat as soon as it falls, she ambles. And she also doesn’t stand right next to Edda with her head in her lap almost eating the food right from Edda’s mouth. Maxi did this – she would see Edda chewing a broccoli half in/half out of her mouth and decide the half out was as good as hers and ease her head to be like 8 inches from Edda’s mouth and we would have to shoo her away.

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