Mom is 80!

We are so lucky that my parents both turn 80 this holiday season. My mom’s birthday was yesterday and we celebrated at their home with my dad as chef!

My dad bought the best steak on the internet and had it shipped to the house and he thought up the menu. Jeremy was sous chef. We also had long noodles for long life – all delicious.

I splurged and bought my mom a LV bag and I got the most perfect reaction of delight and happiness.

My mom literally is the cutest ever.

And we rounded out the evening with a delicious, beautiful carrot cake from Lauren.

One thought on “Mom is 80!”

  1. Boy-o-boy the Lee/Martin Clan know how to eat! This all looks so, so good.

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday. Doris is right you are the cutest. So glad you gave the world Doris and Donald. They are both such fine humans. You, and they make the world a much better place.

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