We are all booster-ed now. In the same order that we got the first doses – me first, then Edda, then Jeremy and Vince bringing up the rear. I guess that is the right order of administration given our relative risk levels. I think if I had to redo the order under the circumstances now, I’d do Edda first, Vince second, me third and then Jeremy. Edda because she’s in school and can’t mask well and people have to be close to care for her and not everyone in the school is vaccinated (I do wish I could have gotten her the moderna one), Vince 2nd, because he’s at school (even though they have 98% vaccine compliance and biweekly covid testing) and interacting with people all the time and he favors cloth masks and is probably slightly unreliable in wearing the masks – like when his friends are piercing his ears in his apartment. Me third – even though I work in a hospital – because by the time patients get to me, they are tested and all my coworkers are vaccinated and I’m very careful with my n95 mask at work (one of the few nurses who still does the n95). And then Jeremy because he goes nowhere. Poor guy. <3. He needs to go somewhere.

Doris – P-P-P (that was the only one available when the boosters were first approved)

Edda – P-P-P (she’s still under 18, so technically not OK for M)

Jeremy – P-P-M

Vince – M-M-M

Vince got his booster at a Costco near school (he had needed to rent a zipcar to get there) and so after the vax appointment, he went shopping for heavy things. And then he texted – woah, it’s easy to spend money at Costco – I got three things and it was $50!

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