Weekend update.

We are fine, we are fine, but it’s been a rough weekend in the neighborhood, but everyone is on the mend. At some point in time, we had two dogs from two different households and a feverish child (not mine, not covid) in the house. I worked at the hospital yesterday, I really wanted to call out, but I did not because Jeremy handled everything – it was a tough shift for a Sunday. A good nursing team, but a lot was going on and my mind was elsewhere. Unstable blood pressures, blood transfusions, doctors who were hard to get in touch with, etc. etc.

Edda got her booster on Saturday morning. Initially, I had scheduled it at the CVS at 7 am. I had some trouble procuring this appointment because since the kiddo doses came out, the appointments have filled again. But this CVS is 24 hours and I could have scheduled an appointment at 2am. Anyways, the mid-day appointments were all gone, so I scheduled it for the latest open morning appointment which was 7 am. That meant that Saturday, instead of a slightly lazy morning where we could sleep in until 7:30, it would be a regular get-up-at-6 am day. So we all woke up and got Edda up and as I was about to leave the house and checking my email to look up the appt details, I noticed that they cancelled our appt earlier in the morning. I guess someone called out. Anyways, I was sitting around a little grumpy that I had gotten up early (because Friday night was CRAZY and I could have used more sleep), but I hunted around a little and found a county run site at the local community college and they had appointments at 9:30. So we headed out there and got the job done. Edda did have a restless night on Saturday and was under the weather on Sunday. Eliana was here and took good care of her while I was at work. I wanted Edda to have her extra dose before we head into the holidays and travel. We are not hosting our normal 40-50 person Thanksgiving this year, but we are hosting 20. Sometimes I go around and say – we aren’t having a Thanksgiving! But then Jeremy reminds me that 20 is still a lot and it will be a lot (of fun). Even without covid, I’m not sure we’d get up to the 40 person event anyways, there are other reasons people can’t travel. I need to think of something to make – I want to make something!

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