Vince ordered something and accidentally had it delivered to the house. He told us to open the package and set it near some friends. Now it lives with all our squishys and Edgar Allen Poe.

Vince is a funny, funny boy. He’s getting the hang of things – figuring out friends, figuring out how much to study, how to fix his bike & go grocery shopping. All good. But for weeks now, I’ve been reminding him to get his flu shot – it’s mandated by his school and the deadline is next week. I said – just sign up through the school or walk into a Target or whatever. It was a mixture of kind of forgetting and also casually looking and finding no appointments available within walking/biking distance from school. I kind of couldn’t believe it that there were no appointments, but we stepped through the web sites last night and, lo and behold, there were no appointments anywhere right around campus (probably also because kiddos 5-11 are getting their first shots). So I pulled out my computer and set the search wider and made him an appointment on Monday in the same town he got his COVID shot about 8 miles from campus. This will require a car. I turned to Jeremy and said, well I guess no one in Woodland is getting vaccinated because that’s the place you go to get any vaccine availability.

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