Music and games.

Spotify did their year end review and again – my most listened to artist was Taylor Swift. Ha ha. I love Taylor. I’m one of Spotify’s heaviest users – logging about 2 hours every day. Which seems low! I stream it all day at work.

I’m trying to reclaim my headspace and I’ve given up Instagram and Facebook for over two weeks now. Will it stick? I’m not sure. I try to not check the news except for the daily 15 min NPR update. Also, I got rid of my most beloved games on my phone – the nonogram and 1010! – which I think I would spend a lot of time on. I do want to replace it to something else, but something a bit less mindless? – I’m trying Pokemon Go (mainly because I have a friend who is really into it) – which is somewhat self-limiting because I run out of pokeballs and then I can’t do anything else and in order to get more pokeballs, I need to go on a walk outside. Which seems like a good idea. Maybe? Or maybe it will be terribly addicting? I’m not sure. I think it is addicting for certain people. Is it terrible to be addicted to going on a walk? Maybe I’ll be taken over by wanting *all* the Pokemons? If it crawls over to the additive side, I’ll have to delete it. I’ll show you a photo of my (virtual) pet:

Because I started Pokemon Go, I ran a different route on my run yesterday (Pokemon Go is about exploring the outside world), and I was rewarded with this incredibly outrageous front lawn display – and also more pokeballs. lol.

Vince is headed into finals week. It’s stressful for him. I talked to him last night and tried to soothe his nerves. He’ll do great. You can do it, V! And I can’t wait to see you soon. <3, mom.

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