And now we are home.

We made it back from ABQ fine. Vince had more trouble getting back to Davis. His flight got rerouted through LA and then that flight was delayed and then he had to take a really expensive UBER home very late at night (or in the morning). We made a mistake and scheduled everyone to fly on Monday, Jan 3 – when both kids had school! I don’t know what we were doing. UCDavis said the first week was going to be virtual before the break, so Vince did his first day at airports and made 2.5 of his three classes. They just announced last night that the first four weeks are converted to virtual which made Vince (and us) groan. We’ve been keeping Edda home from school – not really because I want to keep her free from illness, but to let her teachers have an easier student load (one of her three teachers is already out with covid). The public schools are having lots of call-outs, about 10% of the bus routes didn’t run this week. Every school is hovering around the 5-10% of the population out because of covid.

We came home to two pets requiring pet sitting. Ivy (Emy’s cat) and Scarlett (Ben’s dog). They are entertaining us as only pandemic pets can. They, I think, are becoming friends! Not like close, close friends who snuggle with each other. But they will tolerate being 2 feet apart and will cross paths without too much angst. Ivy usually hides under some low furniture, but at times, he will come out and hang out with Jeremy at work.

Scarlett is such a goofy dog. Goofy and good natured. Wants to be everyone’s friend.

Nat gave Edda this pullover sweatshirt for Edda for Christmas. Usually I don’t like pullover items for Edda because I think they are hard to put on and take off. But somehow, this sweatshirt seemed perfect for Edda – it’s from the Teen line at the Gap. So I slipped it on her earlier this week. She also got new AFO (foot braces) which are incredibly hard to put on and take off. This is difficult for diaper changes as we like the pull up kind and pants need to come on/off to use them and this usually includes taking on/off the shoes and braces. But then I remembered that I have a pair of Adidas track pants that have zippers along the side of the leg which allows them to be put on over shoes and I realized that this is Edda’s new teenage look. Honestly, I really like this style for Edda. We’ve been keeping her in too young of a look for too long.

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