I always thought the apocalypse would involve more running. Running away from zombies. Instead, we are stuck at home and waiting for things. All systems seem down. First, I was unable to open a new Vanguard account over Christmas break on their web site. I would enter all my information and hit return and the website would say – unable to continue, call customer service. Customer service hold was reportedly hours. Fine. They don’t want my money! They’ve had this problem on their web site for months (according to reddit) and no one has been able to fix it. Next, Vince and I were on the phone together for 2.5 hours trying to open a bank account for him – unsuccessful. Next #2, Jeremy spent almost an hour in line at the grocery store to check out. Next #3, I wanted to make a small change to our car insurance which should have originally taken 3 minutes on our phones, but took 3 days and 2 emails. Next #4, again, a small change on my bank account information which should have been able to be done online, and this also takes a 20 min wait on the phone. Next #5, Edda’s prescriptions needed to be filled by Monday afternoon. I put the order through on Saturday for Sunday afternoon pickup. They weren’t filled, I asked when they would be ready. I was told the delivery would be there by 4pm Monday. Six pm Monday, they weren’t ready – the delivery was running late. And then when I went in to pick up an emergency 15 pills for a 3 day supply, we ran into an insurance snafu in which the pharmacist apologized and said that he needs to call the insurance help line during business hours to straighten it out. I’m sure there is more. The apocalypse is a wearing away at your resilience and will – will any of us survive?

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