I’m reluctantly working on our wills. I’ve been “working” on it for almost a year now. It is like so painful to do. But I can do it! I want to put something in place when Edda is 18 and Vince is not yet ready to “take over”. He’ll be ready, but not right now. Right now, Vince and I are on hold for 2.5 hours trying to open a bank account for him. He doesn’t sense the urgency, but I do. Little steps.

I gave up Instagram and Facebook at about Thanksgiving time last year – the same time I got my new computer and didn’t enter the passwords for the websites and deleting it from my phone. I’ve tried many, many times before failing each time. This time I did it easily because I replaced it with Pokemon Go. Of course, everyone needs a “mindless” thing to do on their phone while waiting, bored, going to sleep or just tired of the world (which I am all the time). I just hated that it was facebook or Instagram, these always made me feel worse, like eating too many potato chips – delicious in the moment, ugh afterwards. I tried giving up Instagram and Facebook without this “mindless” crutch, kind of imploring myself to take those small bits of time to “read a book!” or “learn Spanish!” or whatever, but, really that was not sustainable. I do need a mindless thing that I didn’t mind doing. I got tired of doing tetris-like puzzles all the time which were repetitive. Pokemon Go is perfect in a way. It’s kind of really boring and mindless a lot of the time, but also entertaining. If you don’t cheat the GPS on your phone, you are suppose to walk a lot, so my running helps me level up in the game. It’s self limiting in a way that I like – if I run out of poke balls, I need to go on a walk to get more. I’ve discovered a few people (like 2-3 people) who are intense players who I’d like to get to know better, so there is a social element. I’m in this “battle” with Vince on leveling up, so that is fun. And the game actually is pretty complicated with many different ways to play and 10,000 pokemon to get to know (they all have different traits that perform differently in battle – I honestly have no idea.). And it’s ridiculous – I like telling people I play Pokemon Go. If I like it too much, I will have to give it up sometime. Hopefully not back to Instagram or Facebook.

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