Back to school and surgery.

Edda went to school for the first time in about a month yesterday. She was very excited (not that you can see it in this photo). We were very excited. We got little videos of her during the day laughing and enjoying herself. I feel like we’ve peaked here in the DC suburbs, testing is much easier to find.

She got these new shoes (from Eliana’s recommendation). They are great! They zip up the side and when I order the extra wide one, they close well over her AFOs.

Jeremy went to have his hernia repaired, also on the same day. The covid test on Monday miraculously resulted on Tuesday – so we had no problem with that. This was at an outpatient center about a mile from the house.

I’ve always admired Jeremy’s veins (he doesn’t like needles, so he never let me practice on him), and the nurse put a nice 18 gauge needle in for the IV. I asked if the nurse complimented his veins and he said yes. lol. I’m not often on the patient side of the nurse/patient interaction. I can see how the discharge paperwork is confusing – when to take the pain meds – and what to do. Jeremy was essentially still out of it when she read the instructions to me, so if you don’t have someone with you who understands, it’s hard to remember everything. Also, I know all the pain meds, and so when she said he got Tylenol here, and oxy then, and then torodol then, I know the dosages and whether they were IV or narcotics or oral, etc. Anyways, they prescribed him Norco (which is also called Vicodin, but somehow they don’t use that name anymore). I had to go to three different pharmacies to procure it because of “supply chain” issues. But he didn’t need it in the end. He was able to sleep on 600 mg of motrin at 9:30 pm and feels much better today.

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