Recovery, nursing, Nat <3.

Jeremy is recovering from his surgery nicely. I’ve provided post surgical care to hundreds of people – surgeries ranging from appendectomies, cholecystectomies, mastectomies, breast reconstruction, bowel resections, hip replacements, amputations, hysterectomies, prolapse repairs, gastric bypass, Whipples, etc. – but it was something different with Jeremy. I know it was a super simple outpatient procedure, but to see him walk slowly to the car and to be in pain was stressful for me. He’s almost back to 100% – I’d say he’s about 85% today. He had scheduled a sick day for today, but he felt well enough to work. As per my nursing training, I check in on him Q4 hours and ask about the pain and check the incision. Haha.

I do not know what to do with my nursing job. I’m working the fewest shifts I can work and keep the job and I’m reluctant to work more. There are many (paperwork) things I have to do with Edda turning 18 and I need the extra time to do that and also, nursing is hard! I’ve been without a nursing assistance many shifts. I have the best manager and the best charge nurse, but the unit is churning. The pay rate to go travel to another local hospital is well over $100 an hour (compared to my hourly rate of $36), so lots of people are leaving to travel. There are only a handful of us left who are regulars, our floor is filled with travelers paid at said rate of over $100. It’s weird, how this has come to be that there are really no new nurses, just nurses moving around to the highest bidder. And this is the best unit in the hospital. I bet there are other units where there is no regular staff. It makes working there very strange. Obviously I don’t nurse for the money, but the fabric of my job is changing. I wonder what it will be like in a year.

I went to see Nat and Dara who are traveling to Thailand tomorrow! I got to see them before they left and wish them all the blessings xoxoxoxoxo.

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