Pasta, hair ties.

We had a nice, quiet weekend. Now that Jeremy’s surgery is over, we are “opening” up the house. Eliana came over on Sunday to mind Edda. We are having Noah over for a sleepover on Friday night. I’m going to walk with Sofi today. We are going to celebrate CNY with my parents on Saturday. I still think we are going to get sick, but what can I do? I wonder when I’ll go to a party where I don’t know a lot of people. That’ll be weird.

I’m trying to declutter the house. I enjoy decluttering, but Jeremy enjoys keeping stuff. It’s not too bad – we are not at hoarder level, but he has particular categories of things he likes to keep. But just the other day, he mentioned that he might be willing to let go some of the ten slightly good but mostly broken keyboards that he has. When we had that super fancy dinner for my mom’s 80th – they gave us each a beautiful box with menus and treats tucked in and I didn’t want to throw them away. But I finally cooked the treats (pasta with cheese and black pepper)and then saved one menu and threw the beautiful boxes away.

I also used Vince’s old ceramic mugs from art class to organize Edda’s oral hygiene and hair maintenance systems. As you can tell, an exciting weekend.

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