Wordle, goodwill, and pizza.

Yes, I’m playing Wordle which is very fun. I was particularly proud of today – from one misplaced “K” to perky. Fun. I like to start with yesterday’s word as my first attempt.

I have happily and steadily been making good progress on the decluttering. With Jeremy’s endorsement and encouragement, I have been making (not too many) trips to Goodwill and the dump. In the past when I’ve tried to declutter, I’ve felt the urge to consult Jeremy on every single item that isn’t completely 100% mine. And now after more than 20 years of marriage, there are very few things that are 100% mine – so it really slowed things down. But now, I kind of put things aside to go to Goodwill, usually at the bottom of the steps, so Jeremy can see them for a while and nix getting rid of them, but he hasn’t so far. And the results downstairs have been very noticeable. Jeremy said – keep going. In conjunction with the decluttering, I’ve ben deciding where things belong and trying to put things back. This is not really a skill of mine that I’ve ever worked on – the putting things back skill. It’s actually not too hard when there isn’t that much stuff to put back. The downstairs might be the most steadily neatest it has ever been since – well ever. Sometimes I walk downstairs just to admire the neatness. I was especially touched when I asked Eliana at dinner last night if she noticed that the house was neater/cleaner and she said yes! that she’d noticed it the last week or so but didn’t want to mention it because maybe it was a new year’s resolution (it wasn’t). Eliana is very neat – she always leaves the house a bunch neater than when she arrived and she has now lived with and known each other for over 10 years – so she knows our habits.

Jeremy laughed when he showed me his container collection in the cabinets above the fridge (which I do know about) and he said that it was too high for me to declutter. I just said I hadn’t gotten to it yet.

I’m having a make your own pizza party tonight. I’m very much looking forward to it. I made my own dough. I bought the requested black olives and pepperoni. 🙂

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  1. I love love love to D clutter. It’s always getting started part that’s hard for me. Once I get going get out of my way. Keep going Doris you’re doing better than me girl.

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