New Orleans, coffee, Noah.

Jeremy came back from New Orleans without issue. It was only looking through the photo roll that I saw photos he took there. It’s with some sadness that we agreed this will all be underwater soon – if not in my lifetime, certainly within our children’s lifetime. As bleak as other global news is, we continue to go through each day to find comfort with each other. I was excited to hear of Biden’s new supreme court justice nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson – she and I have the same birthday – Sept 14th and she is just two years older than I am. We are peaking now, Gen X!

Vince is happy. I can tell from the fewer phone calls and the excitement in his voice. He made the UCDavid engineering instagram. He tried ballroom dancing on Friday night.

He roasted his own coffee beans.

Noah came over to sleepover again last night. Much easier this time. He ate dinner. He was not as nervous. We also invited Mike & Sofie over for dinner – because I had a feeling from other parties that Noah really likes Mike. And it’s so true! Noah spent the whole dinner pretty much only talking to Mike while the rest of us smiled and looked at the two of them clearly enjoying each other’s company. Mike says it’s because I don’t have enough truck knowledge, but I don’t think that is the case. Sometimes you just like who you like – you know what I mean? Noah likes us, but Noah likes Mike.

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