Old photos.

Jane and George have been spending time at Gene & Bette’s helping them declutter their apartment. I always assumed that when you move that that is the time to declutter – but Gene and Bette moved into their apt at Riderwood quickly, swiftly without much time for considering this or that knick/knack. So this is the time for decluttering. They’ve unearthed some great old photos…

Jeremy, Bob and Louisa on a hike.

Bob on his wheeled horse (actually I think it’s a rabbit).

And Katherine at a wedding – whose? I’m not sure. Not hers.

We had a nice, long Sunday night dinner with Thai food. Sometimes these can be quick – well under 90 minutes. But yesterday, we moved into the TV room (also something that usually doesn’t happen) and we watched videos together and the beginning of the SAG awards. Laughed and commented on dresses.

We bought this enormous tool chest to help with our tool decluttering. I may have muttered something about buying really heavy things and not getting rid of the same amount of weight and that the house is becoming heavier, but Jeremy countered and said that the number of things in the house is falling even though the weight may be getting heavier. We did get rid of the Murphy bed and we’ll get rid of an ancient, enormous UTAustin work desk that, for sure weighs about the same as this tool chest.

The weeks go by so quickly, I can’t believe that it will be March tomorrow.

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