This is how swollen my face was on Friday. I felt terrible and (I thought) I looked terrible (you can see it mostly around my eyes, but it was my entire face). But I’ve had 14 people (16 if you count my husband and my daughter) in my house each within 5 feet of me and no one mentioned anything wrong with my face. Lol. I know, maybe you think everyone is too nice/polite to mention anything about my face, but I don’t have that kind of family/friends. Everyone would tell it like it is. This is honestly why I think I should spend no money on makeup/skincare because, really, no one notices that your face looks like one very through jellyfish sat on your face.

This is how it was on Sunday – better, but still there.

I regularly run outside in 20/25 degrees, but Jeremy hardly ever goes outside under 35/40 degrees, but he went out yesterday. He’s training a lot, even more than usual.

Isabella came to hang out with Edda in shorts and a crop shirt! omg. Teenagers!

One thought on “Swelling/cold.”

  1. I think you should go to the dermatologist. You should do so anyway just because it’s time for the skin cancer checks. Go to a woman and she’ll give you a good regime. It’s very possible that you went and use some thing with retinol or some other product inside of it and then went outside in the sun which is a no. Sorry this happened to you. Your skin was probably changing because of hormones.

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