Jeremy flew to New Orleans yesterday for work. On the funny side, he’s discovering Pokemon Go outside suburbs and is excitedly texting me and Vince about his new (virtual) adventures. On the more serious side, Jeremy is nervous traveling. He really has been the absolutely most sheltered person of our family during the pandemic – leaving the house only for grocery trips (and long, solo bike trips) and essentially talking to only me in person for months and months on end. I think New Orleans is the first place he’s gone to that pretty much no one is wearing a mask. We are still holding pretty strong here in central MoCo – no one quite knows if the masking requirements have been lifted because we all still wear masks. So it’s a shock to him to see a room full of hundreds of people mingling, eating and drinking without a mask in sight. He sent an early morning photo of him working out on a hotel bike with a mask (which is so hard to do, I hate working out in a mask) – the only person around with a mask on.

He’s staying near the superdome. He’ll be home on Wed afternoon. Short and sweet.

We’ve spent so much time together (as all married couples have the last 2 years), it’s weird not having him home with me.

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