Weekend running.

I’ve been coaching my friend Vickey in running recently. It’s an unlikely pairing as I dislike telling people what to do and (I think Vickey will agree with this) she dislikes following specific direction. Anyways, we are old friends and it’s fine. Vickey bought her Peloton treadmill before me and before the pandemic and encouraged me to buy mine – I do not think I would have bought mine without her endorsement, but it really is one of my prized possessions. Training can be complicated and very specific with timed intervals or words like threshold and tempo or whatever. But mostly it’s pretty simple – run more and then every once in a while practice running faster.

I did not really want to run on Sunday, but I did and it was cold and mostly a slow slog through slushy mud. But then it got done and I went home and took a hot bath. I enjoy running, but I also very much enjoy being done with the run.

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