Wrenches and bracelets.

Decluttering continues. We have a lot of Allen wrenches. I’m going to sort a few sets and then throw the rest away.

I found a complete socket wrench set in the garage. This was amusing/distressing because Jeremy was complaining (loudly and repeatedly) just about a month ago about how we didn’t have a complete set and he needed a set for some bike repair – no! – not for bike repair, it was to put together the squat rack. Then he got all frustrated and went out to buy another complete set and hid it somewhere with all his “special tools”. We happened to open this from the garage while standing next to each other while eating lunch and we laughed. Jeremy’s like – oh well, I guess we have two now.

I was out on a trail run last weekend and I fell hard about half a mile from my car. Hands & knees slammed into the ground, then after the fall, I rolled supine and stared at the sky for a minute to regain my composure. Then later that afternoon, I noticed that my jade bracelet had a brighter white spot on it. It’s hard to tell from this photo, but it’s in an unlikely spot to have helped me on my fall, it’s on the inner edge closest to my arm on the side that is closer to my torso – so it seems unlikely to have hit there. But I swear it wasn’t there before. The bracelet is supposed to protect the wearer – I walked away from the fall with nothing wrong with me except for a slight skinned knee. Maybe my bracelet protected me? The thing I like most about my bracelet (well, the most important is that my parents gave it to me), but I love the temperature changes of jade against my skin. Often it’s different types of temperature – sometimes it’s a comforting cool, other times it’s a chilly cool. Sometimes when it’s wrapped in layers of clothing, it’s the same temperature as my body. The weight of it also feels different at different times, sometimes it’s heavy and annoying, other times it is solid and grounding. I haven’t taken it off since I put it on on 8/8.

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