Yesterday, the city came by and picked up an old desk we got for free-ish from UT Austin surplus. That desk has seen us through the last 20 years and many, many moves. A beautiful piece of heavy furniture – they don’t make them like they used to, but it really is not a functional desk for the modern era. We started drilling holes in the top and sides for wires, we really didn’t need the filing drawers, nor the pull out slabs for typewriters and it was too big (the surface was designed for piles of ledgers and not a laptop). I was going to shove it into our minivan and take it to the dump (I try to go to the dump weekly or biweekly during my decluttering project), but I didn’t fit in the van. And then Jeremy remembered the city’s bulk pick up service. A big crane comes and picks it right up off the curb. The driver didn’t even step onto the street to pick our desk up off the ground and into the dumpster in the back. We were entertained in our respective home offices.

I’ve been trying to watch Reacher on Amazon. I loved these books when Edda was first diagnosed with Rett and I was devastated in the real world. I needed fast, furious books where the bad guy always loses in the end and good triumphs. Completely out of my regular reading themes, but I did end up reading 8-10 Reacher books during my time in Singapore (I checked them out at the library at the shopping mall next to our apartment complex). But I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to on-screen violence. So I watch like 5 minutes at a time in the bright sunlight until I can’t stand it anymore and then turn it off. I’m keeping the faith that the good guys will prevail, but man, it’s hard to not be discouraged as we work our way towards that goal.

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  1. No the TV show is pretty bad. Nothing like the books. The acting is terrible. I wouldn’t waste my time. But that’s just me.

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