MCM, caps.

I signed up a few weeks ago to run the Marine Corp Marathon in the fall this year – to celebrate my 50th year. I do not know if this is a good idea or not, but it’s what I’m doing or at least what I think I’m doing. So the long runs on the weekend are not for nothing. I do love running the trails, but it does make me tired, I take deep naps in the afternoons after the long runs which are both glorious and also feels like I’m wasting the entire day. I feel like I’m getting enough sleep in general, but this week – I’m just worn out. Sometimes I think, no problem, I can run a marathon tomorrow as long as it’s really slow, but other times I think – omg, I can’t add another 10 miles to the long run.

Yesterday, one of my favorite Peloton instructors, Olivia, high fived me! Vickey thinks it’s a fake account, but I’m pretty sure it’s her (or her assistant). I was taking a brand new class she just did that morning on demand. I think sometimes they stay logged in to just give out high fives. (I wish I was running faster or at least following her class, lol. I was just there doing my own thing.)

Time to declutter hats. We have a lot of baseball caps given that no one in the house wears any baseball caps.

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