Bowling, unmasking, wire box.

I gave up my indoor masking habit yesterday by going bowling with the rest of the nurses on my unit. I started with the mask on, but by 3:30 pm, we were all wild and unmasked. The hospital footed the bill – apparently there is a budget for having fun that none of us knew about. Called “holy time” budget (?!) – they won’t pay for alcohol (or, I guess any other vice), but you can do whatever your unit desires. So we desired bowling. Yemi, a night charge, set it up. It had been postponed once from January due to Omicron, but couldn’t be rescheduled again even though we were having a late winter snow storm. The party ran from 2-5 and I showed up at 2:15 to find Yemi seated alone watching a soccer game on her phone. I wanted to keep her company and it was the two of us for a good while, but we ended up having a nice turnout despite the weather. We played in the most ridiculous of ways which was a lot of fun, we pulled the bumpers up on all 4 lanes and then we entered everyone’s names and then you bowled whenever you wanted to. Whenever the holy spirit moved you, lol. No one kept score except for the computers and we ate sliders and tater tots.

I loved seeing everyone’s face. Women of color, unite! We are saving your butts all the time, lol. Don’t mess with us 🙂

My boss, Anthony!

I came home to my husband speaking my love language, decluttering. So sexy! He went through his entire wire connection and threw away many, may things including miles of speaker wire and audio connection cables – I had earlier gotten rid of his college speakers – now there are zero 90s era speakers in the house – we, I think, at some point recently had 6! Oh, we remembered how much we loved our stereo systems in college. You remember you loved them so much and then you have to tell yourself now, you can’t goodwill them because no one wants a speaker with a wire. Did we ever think that music could go to a speaker over the air?

Jeremy is not a hoarder by any stretch of the imagination, but he certainly is in the camp “we might need this later” which, every once in a while, is true. So the decluttering is hard for him. He is a person who likes talking through things and likes company and even though I have done much decluttering without input from him, he asked me to sit down with him to sort through this stuff together. The wire collection is 100% his and I would have not known what is “important” or not, so I would have thrown everything away except for the extension cords and the Apple lightning cables – but we did not because Jeremy explained each thing-y to me as we decided together what stayed and what went.

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